This is a therapeutical massage practiced with special manipulations by concentrating problematical muscle groups. It reduces tenseness, eases the pain and aches. Nerves start from spine and relieve neural system by getting distributed to the whole body.
It soothes your soul and feelings, takes you away from stress. A choice for those who want to have more calm and peaceful state of mind…
Classical massage is used as a general rest and relaxation method and is generally practiced for a fresh start to the day and to be freed from daily tiredness and problems. It is usually applied with massage oil but if requested, it is possible to apply a classic massage without using lubricant material in some cases.
A relaxation therapy which balances your thoughts, body and soul by roaming between accumulated energy that blocked in your body and stones heated with exotic oils.
You should try this special massage applied with warm oils which will provide inner peace, nourish and rejuvenate your skin...
This is a quickly and limitedly practiced massage before or after the sport activities. The most important differences between the sports massage and the classical massage are the higher rhythm, duration and pressure. Movements that give energy predominate this massage. The duration varies accordingly with the application area.
This is a relaxing, relieving and soothing massage which is practiced like aromatherapy massage. In relaxing massage, manipulations which mostly have impact on neural system are practiced slowly and without much pressure. As it reduces the daily stress, it is suggested to be performed before sleeping. It is applied to whole body.
Cellulite massage activates blood and lymph circulation, helps removing the toxins that cause local excesses and cellulite in the body and provides body tissues to be filled with fresh oxygen. As blood circulation under the skin is being activated, it also provides the tissues to be rejuvenated.
This is an intense peeling applied with circular movements by using sea salt and essential oils (jojoba oil). It helps removal of dead cells, moisturizes and smoothes the skin. Special programs can be arranged according to your requests.
This massage provides balancing of all energy centers in the body and integration of all inner systems with each other. It reduces the tension of muscles, increases and balances the energy level. It provides an extraordinary relief in whole body and mind.
It is a spiritual part of ancient Hawaiian culture. It is practiced with forearm by help of the elbow applying changing, connected, long and smooth massage movements. This relieves the joints, frees the soul and provides a deep relaxation.
This massage has long been using as a treatment in traditional Indian Medicine. In Ayurveda, massage not only aims physical effect but also means rubbing a person’s body by practicing aromatic massage.
By using “Feet are the mirror of body” motto; Reflexology consists a big part of Traditional Far East Medicine. It is practiced by creating pressure on specific points at the feet.