Our Thermal Spa Pool is open between 07:00am and 22:00pm.

A unique health source with rich minerals; thermal water is directly filled into our indoor pool without any chemical process for our precious guests. You will experience the joy of swimming in our thermal indoor pool with Jacuzzi during winter months. Thermal water is not suitable for drinking.

Size of Indoor Pool
Width x Length : 4 m. x 8,5 m.
Depth :1,50 m

Size of Outdoor Pool
Width x Length : 6 m. x 14 m.
Depth :1,30 m - 2.20 m.

Benefits of Thermal Water
• Rheumatic Diseases
• Orthopedic Disorders
• Neurologic Diseases
• Dermatologic Diseases
• Cerebrovascular Disorders
• Nephrological Diseases
• Inflammations
• Arthritis, Myogenic Pain and Sciatica
• Respiratory System Diseases

You can enjoy holiday and sun with our outdoor pool during summer in city center.